Tobacco just
met its match

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We're Versa Hemp

A New Alternative To Tobacco

We’re on a mission to explore uncharted territories and redefine what you can expect from hemp.

<0.3%thc / Zero Tobacco / Zero Nicotine

It's Smoking... Redefined

Crafted with CBG-rich hemp flower, our proprietary blends may look like traditional cigarettes and cigarillos, but the smoking experience delivers a new world of taste and satisfaction.

<0.3%thc / Zero Tobacco / Zero Nicotine
versa hemp stick smoking redefined versa hemp stick
dipping reimagined versa cbd snuff

It's dipping... Reimagined

Our long-cut moist snuff blends are carefully crafted with CBD-rich hemp flower and designed to create an authentic dipping experience without tobacco or nicotine. 

<0.3%thc / Zero Tobacco / Zero Nicotine

Have questions about Hemp, CBD, or other Cannabinoids as alternatives to tobacco?

We’ve summarized answers to some of the most common hemp and cannabinoid questions.

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